New PVC Window & Low-e Glass Introduced

Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?
July 7, 2016

Discover New Window Repair & Replacement Options Available

Window Replacement and Glass Installation in Mesa AZ

Install New Window Glass Technologies to Save

As window and glass technology progresses, so do the many options we make available to our customers in the Mesa, Arizona area. If you are in the market for new windows or would like to retrofit the glass in your existing windows, we have new PVC windows and window glass options to increase the value of your home and improve the energy efficiency.

Windows are an important architectural and aesthetic detail of any home or building. Windows bring natural light and fresh air into a space. They are available in a number of glass types and styles to suit every climate, use, and style. A window supplier like Superior Replacement Windows will have a wide variety of window options to choose from and will perform the window installation as well. From sliding glass doors to bay windows or energy efficient windows, doing a little due diligence before you start window shopping will help ensure you get exactly what you want and need. It is also a good idea to use a window supplier with warranties that cover both materials and installation.

Glass Types: Double and Triple Pane

There are more window glass replacement choices today than in the past. The trend and emergence of eco-friendly construction options has also impacted people who want high-efficiency glass windows that will keep the heat out and save on energy costs. A double-pane window with low-E glass is the most popular glass type when it comes to selection time. To view a complete range of the low-E options available, please click here. For the extra $40 per window that it costs, homeowners will more than see a return on that investment in their monthly heating bills. Double-pane low-E windows don’t just keep the heat in the house, they also keep stifling summer heat and harmful UV rays out of the house.

While triple-pane windows can be useful in climates with harsh temperatures, they are also known to negatively affect the window’s visibility and light-transmitting abilities. The cost benefit of triple pane glass should be considered on a case by case basis and reserved for windows in locations that receive direct sunlight or extreme weather.

It’s fairly simple to gauge the energy efficiency of a window by looking for the National Fenestration Council’s rating sticker. Windows with the sticker have qualified under two main categories of efficiency: U-valve and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The lower the number in either categories, the better performance of the window.

Window Installation: New and Retrofit

Regardless of the quality of your windows, if they are not installed properly, they won’t perform properly. Be sure to use a licensed contractor or window supplier with positive customer reviews. An installer using a lot of sealants and expanding foams are less likely to get the windows to fit properly, and those materials are not fully waterproof and are known to cause problems in the future. Flashing and caulking are important aspects of window installation, but they have to be done by an installer experienced and with an eye for detail.

New PVC Windows

There are numerous window types to install including casement, awning, bay, bow, camber casement, double hung, single hung, single tilt slider, high profile fixed, low profile fixed, custom and greenhouse. New window replacement includes these basic steps: remove window trim and casing from around the old window, remove old window and guide track, prep and repair the new window opening, inspect and replace the window stop, dry fit the window, install the window, add insulation around the window, add extension jams and molding, then paint and add any finishing touches.

Retrofit Windows

Retrofit installation strategies refer to keeping a home’s old windows, especially in cases of historic homes, by retrofitting storm windows over top of them to improve energy efficiency while maintaining the look and charm of the home’s original windows. Just as new window installers need to install them to perfection for ultimate performance, anyone retrofitting windows also has the same importance. Retrofitting falls into three strategies: adding exterior storm windows, interior storm windows, and interior thermal blinds. These strategies are known to reduce the cost and mess of complete window replacement.

Window Frame Styles and Colors

Just as a picture frame complements the picture within, window frames accentuate the window style and type. When it comes to selecting window frame colors, the thought is that for windows in good condition, the frame color should accentuate the window, while older windows should be disguised and have attention drawn away from them. For windows that aren’t attractive parts of a home, painting them white will help them blend in; for windows that are new or historic and want attention, painting the frame a contrasting color to the rest of the home will make them stand out and draw the eyes towards them.

Window frames can be thick or thin, modern or traditional. Select window frames that will flow with the age and style of your home to enhance the overall look.

When it comes to window frame materials, there are many to choose from: wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. While most prefer the look and feel of wood window frames, many opt for the weather-resistant and more low-maintenance choices of fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum.